Ald White Craig viewed from the road.

Hadrian's Wall

Explore miles of this historic monument from our doorstep.

Walltown Crags are at the Westmost section of the area easily accessible on foot, from our cottages. There's also a car park with a small shop, open during the peak season.

The Roman Army Museum is situated near to Walltown Crags.

Heading East, along the Whin Sill, towards Cawfields, you pass turret 44b, offering incredible views looking back towards Walltown Crags.


The closest part of Hadrian's Wall, from our cottages, is Cawfields.

Cawfields Quarry on Hadrian's Wall.

For the keen walker, the area can be explored in any conditions - even night time! Clear Winter evenings can be particularly rewarding.

East from Cawfields, you pass Caw Gap, then it's a lengthy walk over the high point at Green Slack, before descending to Steel Rigg.

Green Slack

Looking East from the highest point of Hadrian's Wall (345ft), between Milecastle 40 and Turret 40a.

The Summit of Green Slack.

There is a car park at Steel Rigg, and you're also just a short walk from The Sill visitor centre.

From Steel Rigg, clamber up onto Peel Crags to pass Milecastle 39 as you head along to the Robin Hood tree.

Sycamore Gap

The famous tree, viewed from the North, as it sits in a recess of the magnificent Whin Sill, along Peel Crags.

Sycamore Gap on Hadrian's Wall.

From Sycamore Gap, you can continue East towards Housesteads Roman Fort.

On the way, you'll pass above Crag Lough, onto Hotbank Crags, Cuddy's Crags and Housesteads Crags.


Housesteads is a large Roman Fort, with Visitor Centre and shop.

Housesteads Roman Fort

From Housesteads you can head East following the undulations of Kennel Crags, Clew Hill and King's Hill before finally summiting Sewingshields.

Enjoy views in all directions, and look down to Broomlee Lough from the crags of Sewingshields.


Another high point of Hadrian's Wall, and the furthest you'd reasonably reach for a day walk from our cottages (and return), but only for the keenest walkers!

Sewinshields on Hadrian's Wall